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Dr. Raf Attends IMCAS Cosmetic Medical Conference in Paris

IMCAS in Paris with Dr. Raf   This year I was lucky enough to attend IMCAS in Paris. IMCAS is the biggest cosmetic medical conference in the world where 14,000 delegates meet to hear about the latest in cosmetic medicine. This includes the latest advice…

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Russian Lip Fillers performed at Asterie
Russian Lips – The Revolutionary Technique and Everything You Need to Know

Russian Lips. The technique that’s travelled across the trans-Siberian all the way to the faces of Hollywood and the big screen. A technique that dazzles all onlookers, with its beautifully shaped, plump, voluminous curves. A technique that, pun very much intended, appears to be on…

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Duck lips with fillers: bad technique or bad luck?

The dreaded duck lips are commonly associated with lip fillers but are they inevitable or purely a result of bad technique. At Face Doctors Clinic, we aim to produce natural results and so a duck lip is definitely not on our agenda. To understand why…

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