Dr. Raf Attends IMCAS Cosmetic Medical Conference in Paris

IMCAS in Paris with Dr. Raf


This year I was lucky enough to attend IMCAS in Paris. IMCAS is the biggest cosmetic medical conference in the world where 14,000 delegates meet to hear about the latest in cosmetic medicine. This includes the latest advice on safety, the latest in technologies and the latest in proven treatments. It is where the worlds experts unite to share their thoughts, research and experiences.

However, the main reason I was excited to attend IMCAS was actually an optional pre-conference course that was focused on the use of ultrasonographic imaging for cosmetic injectables. This is important for a few reasons.

1 – it allows you to evaluate more dangerous areas prior to injecting to ensure safety. This means areas such as the upper nasolabial folds and temples can be treated with an added assurance that you are not injecting into a blood vessel

2 – it allows you to treat areas that you previously wouldn’t treat due to the inherent dangers. E.g. the glabellar region or number 11 lines are extremely dangerous to treat with fillers. Performing this treatment with ultrasound guidance makes it much more safe

3 – it allows you to monitor patient response to treatments. This means you can monitor whether fillers have migrated or how the body is responded to the filler being dissolved.

This course was hands-on and allowed me to spend one on one time or intimate lectures with many experts such Dr Weiner, Professor Cortofana and Dr Benjamin Ascher. I look forward to integrating ultrasound guided injections into my future clinic practice.


IMCAS a stimulating experience with a few key insights:


1 – facial fat dissolving provides an interesting pathway for treating facial fat. While I provide jowl liposuction, facial fat dissolving allows you to treat areas that are too risky to treat with facial liposuction. Most treatments in the cosmetic injectors toolbox are additive but sometimes the best solution is to remove. E.g. treating descended nasolabial fat with fat dissolving rather than filling in the adjacent folds with filler. This is especially important for very heavy faces

2 – new fillers are on the way that will open up new treatment pathways in Australia. These include hyaluronic acid based fillers for treating neck lines to large volume hyaluronic acid fillers for body filling. Both of these options are game changers. For larger volume hyaluronic acid fillers this enables an alternative to fat transfers to the buttocks and breasts in those who do not want to undergo, cant tolerate or are not suitable for surgery

3 – artistry – like myself, many of the worlds experts prefer not to treat areas but prefer to come up with treatment plans for the individual. This means moving away from a franchise approach where patients approach you to get their lips treated but rather approach a practitioner for their artistic opinion to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan to take their appearance to the next level


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