Hair Transplantation – celebrities we suspect have had some surgical help

Celebrities might seem like they live in another world where they age slower than the rest of us and maintain their good looks for decades. However, just like the rest of us, celebrities experience balding. While it is impossible to know whether all of these celebrities have truly actually had a hair transplantation, we have compiled a list of celebrities we suspect have had some surgical help. This can serve as a gentle reminder that we are all human but there is hope for those who want to regrow their hair.

Matthew McConaughey

While Matthew McConaughey was born with great hair, by 1999 it was obvious that his hairline was starting to recede. While Matthew McConaughey puts it down to the hair supplement Regenix, our medical opinion is that is probably to it than that. We suspect that it was a hair transplantation that allowed him to regain his luscious locks and be crowned People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2005.

Jeremy Piven

Even by the mid-90s Jeremy Piven was apparently balding. However, by the time he appeared on Entourage he had a full head of hair. Some photos of Piven are floating around that show him with a clear longitudinal scar on the back of his head, most likely taken after an FUT hair transplant surgery. Once the hair grows out, this scar would be almost undetectable. Note that the FUE hair transplants done at Face Doctors Clinic would not leave such obvious scars as hairs are taken once at a time with tiny punches.

Elton John

While Elton John has never admitted to a hair transplant, we think it is a safe bet that he has had one. The famous singer started to lose his hair in the 70s and at one point was heavily bald but now sports what appears to be a full hairline. It is probable that he has had a transplantation and also wearing a toupe to accentuate the effects of the transplant.

Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie’s former husband, Billy Bob Thornton is known for his devilish roles in Bad Santa and Fargo. Once balding, his hairline made a rapid recovery from 2001 to 2010 raising questions as to whether he has had a hair transplantation. He does not appear to be wearing a wig and the results appear quite natural. He has most likely had several procedures to bring his frontal hair density to an impressive level.

Jude Law

In recent years, Jude Law’s hairline seems to have made a miraculous recovery. Probably the result of a hair transplantation, his new follicles were implanted with such a natural result that he can relive the hairstyles of his youth.

Elon Musk

The charismatic Tesla CEO was once severely balding. His career seems to continue growing just as his hairline has. His result is most likely the result of a hair transplantation procedure and we think it has made a dramatic effect on his appearance. He looks better now in his late 40s than he did in his late 20s.

Wayne Rooney

This football superstar openly admits to having undergone several FUE hair transplantations. Balding by his mid-20s, Rooney chose undertake a hair transplantation procedure to improve his appearance. He is not shy admitting to the procedure and neither should he be. The results look great.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander, famous for playing the bald character, George Costanza, on Seinfeld admits to seeking professional treatments for his hair loss. According to him, it was a professional choice, with his baldness distracting from his ability to perform on stage and film.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is highly respected actor with two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes. He is known for his roles as a leading man in movies such as Untouchables and Dances with Wolves. Perhaps it is because he has a renewed hairline that he continues to secure roles as a Hollywood tough guy.

LeBron James

The famed basketball player once showed significant fronto-temporal recession. Recent photos show that the gaps in his frontal hairline have been restored. It is great that he has been able to regain the hairline of his youth. We think it is most likely as a result of successful hair transplantation.

Lewis Hamilton

Widely considered one of the greatest formula one drivers in history, there was one point where Hamilton Lewis’ hair loss was accelerating faster than an F1 car. His present day hairline shows a nice density. If you hadn’t known that Hamilton was once bald we think it would be almost impossible to guess that this natural looking result probably required a hair transplantation.



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