Microcannula liposuction explained

While Dr Rafael Ekmejian has been trained in the use of Vaser liposuction as well as microcannula liposuction, he opts for micro-cannula liposuction due to its great safety record and short recovery period. In this article, we will explain the distinct benefits of microcannula liposuction. He had the privilege of learning this technique from the inventor of modern tumescent liposuction, Dr Jeffrey Klein in California, United States.

What is microcannula liposuction?

Modern forms of liposuction done as day procedures typically involve the patient being awake. The patients fatty tissue is infiltrated with tumescent solution, meaning a very dilute solution of local anaesthetic, that numbs the area and allows the patient to talk while the procedure is being done. The patient being awake serves several advantages. Firstly, the patient should not be in any pain, so if the patient does feel pain they can let their treating surgeon know so that any complications are avoided. Patients that are put to sleep in liposuction are not able to give their doctor this feedback so the risk of the doctor inserting the cannula too deep is increased greatly.

Microcannula liposuction is an evolution of cannula liposuction. It means that the cannulas being used to suck up the fat are smaller. This provides several distinct benefits:

  • Smaller holes/less scarring – The microcannulas can be inserted through smaller holes, leading to less scarring. These scars are almost impossible to find with an untrained eye. These holes are a maximum of 2mm wide. In comparison, Vaser liposuction involves cannulas being inserted through large incisions in order to avoid the skin from burning. These incisions leave obvious scars when the skin is stitched back up. The holes in microcannula liposuction are left open to heal by themselves. This lets fluid drain freely and means that there is less swelling post-operatively and less chance of fluid remaining in the body forming a seroma (trapped fluid).
  • Quicker recovery – Microcannulas are thin so any wounds that they create will heal faster than a thicker cannula. Because the healing is faster and the wounds are smaller, the pain from the procedure should also be less. Patients should take the next day physically easy but can return to work the day after.
  • Fine sculpting – the microcannula technique takes a lot of finesse as fat is taken bit by bit when compared to a thicker cannula. This means that it is much less likely to cause lipotrophs which are unappealing craters of fat where too much fat has been taken. Yes the procedure takes longer but this is a worthy cost for a more visually appealing result and a safer procedure.
  • Microcannulas allow the removal of fat from highly fibrous areas such as male breasts and pockets of fat on the back. Removing fat from these areas is almost impossible with larger cannulas.
  • Microcannulas can smoothly remove fat without using laser or Vaser energy. Both of these technologies increase the risk of dermal necrosis which is death of the overlying skin from overheating.

Microcannula liposuction is able to achieve great results and precisely extract the right amount of fat from the right locations to achieve your best contours.

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