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Cosmetic Physician

Dr Rafael is a leading Sydney-based cosmetic physician who specialises in natural-look injectables. He is an artist who applies his skills as a painter and sculptor to his job in cosmetic medicine.

He has worked at leading clinics in Australia and has trained with world-renowned cosmetic injectors such as Dr Raj Acquilla.

He has completed training with American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and successfully completed their board examination, scoring the highest mark in his cohort.

He has been published in numerous surgical journals and founded the Society of Medical Innovation at UNSW.


Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Atena Leon-Bahmani has been the qualified senior practitioner at Catwalk for over a decade. Her experience, attention to detail along side her artistic flair has helped her build a seamless reputation rapidly.

Atena studied cosmetic tattooing within Sydney, Australia and traveled to Hong Kong to learn traditional and manual methods of tattooing. Also in years of tattooing hundreds of clients, she has developed her own techniques and methods. “I use the latest digital machinery from Europe that ensure tattoo sessions are as swift and pain free as possible. Digital tattoo machines also provide precision and consistency in pigment. Another part of the process that is as equally important is the consultation. I always ensure that all of my clients’ concerns and questions are addressed prior to any procedure. We use conventional makeup to help project what the final result could be.”

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