Penis Enlargement & Penile Fillers – Everything You Need to Know About Male Enhancement

What are penis fillers?


Throughout history, a larger penis size has been equated with a man’s power and masculinity. Studies show that roughly 45% of men are unsatisfied with their penis size. Most men who have contemplated increasing the size of their penis think that the only option available is surgery.

Penis Fillers are becoming an increasingly popular option for penis enlargement, including the correction of minor curvatures. This minimally invasive procedure can increase the girth, flaccid length and overall appearance of the penis without the expense, downtime and discomfort of surgery.

Penis fillers refer to the injection of dermal filler into the penis to increase the size of the penis. The typical filler material used is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin but in the case of dermal fillers, it has been chemically modified to last longer. Hyaluronic acid has a good safety profile compared to historical fillers with a very low rejection rate.

Other names for penis fillers include:

  • Male enlargement injections
  • Penile thickening
  • Non-surgical penile enhancement
  • Non-surgical phalloplasty


What problems can be corrected with penis fillers?


Most men who undergo a penis filler procedure will benefit from the increased girth that the procedure provides. While girth is the primary intention of penis fillers it can also provide the following benefits:

  • Disguising lumps and bumps of the penis
  • Correcting for unusual curvature of the penis
  • Increase the length of the penis in the flaccid state
  • Increase the size of the glans of the penis
  • Increase longevity during sex

Penis fillers do not increase the erect length of the penis but can increase erect girth. This can improve sexual performance and also result in a more balanced appearance.


What does the procedure involve?


How it works:

The Penis Filler procedure process is relatively straightforward and usually takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. The procedure stages are:

1) The penis is examined and marked

2) The penis is thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic agent and draped to ensure sterility

3) A strong local anaesthetic is injected with a very small needle for your comfort. This ensures the penis is either totally numb or close to full numbness

4) Once the anaesthetic has taken full effect, dermal filler is carefully injected through a blunt cannula into the tissues to increase the girth, flaccid length and improve the shape of the penis. A needle may be used to inject the tip of the penis

5) The penis is cleaned a second time

6) A dressing is applied, and aftercare instructions provided


Filler placement:

The layer or plane that Penis Filler is placed into is the Areolar tissue.

Filler Placement - penis filller


The Areolar tissue lies between two strong fasciae layers – the Superficial (Dartos) fascia and the Deep (Buck’s) fascia. The Areolar tissue is a continuous, loose layer of connective making it easy for the filler to be evenly distributed along the penis with gentle but firm pressure for a smooth and uniform result.

A small blunt-tipped cannula is used for filler placement. This serves two purposes. Firstly, as it is blunt as opposed to a sharp needle, it can stay within, and glide easily through the Areolar tissue. Secondly, its blunt end minimises trauma to the surrounding tissues which greatly improves the safety profile of the procedure.


How long does it take to see results?


Penis filler results are immediately observable after the procedure with final results observable at the four-week mark. The dermal filler takes

approximately four weeks to fully integrate with the penile tissue. There can some swelling that hides the smoothness of the result at first. Once this settles, the final result can be appreciated.

We may advise massage in the first week or two after treatment to ensure the filler is spread uniformly around your penis.

Results last from 1 – 5 years, however, there is a body of growing evidence that suggests the dermal filler used can last much longer. We generally recommend a top-up treatment at the 1 year mark to maintain the results. We do not expect all of the filler to be gone by this point.


How much size can I gain?


Typically, Penis Filler can achieve a 1 inch increase in girth and a 0.5 inch increase in flaccid length. Greater increases are achieved with larger amounts of dermal filler. Increases in girth size are seen as the most important as they directly relate to partner stimulation. Results can be built on and improved over time with a course of treatments if you wish to achieve a thicker result.


How much filler is used?


How much filler is used will depend on the pre-existing size and the goals of the patient. Our typical volume used is approximately 8mls but we have used 25mls in a single session. We typically prefer to have smaller sessions of up to 12mls and top up at the review period if necessary. This ensures a smoother final result.

We find that “longer” men may require a bit more filler to achieve the same relative increase in girth as there is more tissue that the filler needs to disperse into.


How do penis fillers compare to other options? 



What are the risks of penis fillers?


At Face Doctors Clinic, we are yet to have a serious complication arising from penis fillers. This treatment is a low-risk treatment and is most likely a safer alternative to surgery.

The most common complication will be poor product dispersion requiring additional filling for correction or filler dissolving to smoothen out the result. This however is very rare and is easy to correct when a hyaluronic acid has been used as it is dissolvable. Collagen-stimulating fillers on the other hand cannot be dissolved.

Other issues include infection (at Face Doctors Clinic we provide an antibiotic script for all of our penis filler patients) which is prevented with sterile technique and carefully following our aftercare instructions.

Pressure necrosis is a very rare complication where too much filler has been injected, typically in the glans, which in turn reduces the flow of blood to the penile tissues. For this reason, we use conservative amounts of filler in the glans.

Embolism, where the filler has been injected into the wrong layer, has been noted. However, we use ultrasound at Face Doctors Clinic to confirm filler has been injected into the correct layer.

Occasionally the body responds to the filler product with an inflammatory response. This is rare as hyaluronic acid fillers tend to be more biocompatible than historical fillers.


What are the different types of dermal fillers available for penis enlargement?


At Face Doctors Clinic we exclusively use hyaluronic acid for penis fillers. This is because it can be dissolved for superior safety and cosmetic profile. HA fillers typically last up to 5 years. Larger aggregations of HA fillers such as those used for the penis tend to mean greater longevity than fillers used in the face.

While we have performed fat grafting procedures at Face Doctors Clinic, we tend not to inject fat into the penis as it is more likely to have a clumpy appearance than the smoother hyaluronic acid filler.

Collagen stimulating fillers can result in larger increases in size for the same amount injected however this comes with a worse safety profile as the filler cannot be dissolved. We also do not like to use these fillers due to the potential risk of worsened erectile function. The collagen produced may reduce the sliding function between the different layers of the penis when an erection is attempted.

Permanent penis fillers produce the longest-lasting results. These are not typically used in the face or body anymore due to a poor safety profile. As they cannot be dissolved they require surgical extraction in the case of a complication. Also, a filler that lasts too long is more likely to generate scar tissue, an inflammatory reaction or cause an infection.


What are some aftercare details to keep in mind?


In order to minimise the risk of infection we advise:

1)  a short course of antibiotics

2) avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation for 14 days

3) keep the area clean

We also advise:

1) daily massage for 2 weeks to even out the filler distribution

2) wear the compression wrap for at least the first week


How often are top-ups?


Generally, while hyaluronic acid fillers can last up to 5 years there will be a progressive loss in volume to this time. We recommend top-ups every 1 to 2 years of smaller amounts of filler to ensure that a good volume is maintained. This would not typically be the initial amount of filler injected at the first filling, as there is normally filler already left in the penis


Why Face Doctors?


Dr Rafael uses a minimal pain technique where the penis is numbed before filling. We also use the aid of ultrasound to increase the safety of the procedure and have competitive pricing.

Dr Rafael is an artist and this extends to the application of dermal filler in the penis in an aesthetic manner.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost


  • Penis enlargement (6ml) filler) $3000
  • Penis enlargement (9.6ml filler) $4300
  • Penis enlargement (12ml filler) $4900
  • Penis enlargement (18ml filler) $7300



If you’ve read this and are now keen to have the procedure done, please call (02) 9055 6222 or fill out our contact us form at: We’ll get in touch and begin your journey of enhancing your size, confidence and performance with penis dermal fillers as soon as we can!


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