Above Eye Fillers

Tackle Ageing With Ease

Upper eyelid fillers can be an extremely important tool in counteracting the ageing process. As we age we lose bone volume which can cause the area above the eye to look depleted and hollow. Above eye fillers can safely and effectively fight this process, as can A-frame fillers, which can also be placed in such a way to give the eye a desirable almond shape or to make them look more sultry.

Your Experts in the Field

While this process is a very complex treatment, you can rest assured that our team of expert injectors will make this a seamless and satisfying process. We need to inject an extremely delicate area of your face, so fillers need to be placed with precision to maintain symmetry, prevent overfilling the area and avoiding a lumpy result. This area is also a riskier area to treat due to the blood supply in this area, however our medical professionals will make sure that any risk is mitigated and the procedure is as safe as can be. The treatment should be done with cannulas to increase the safety profile of the treatment and minimise the chance of blocking off a blood vessel.

Refresh Your Biggest Asset

Everyday, we show our face to the world. It’s the first thing people see and it’s the first thing they’ll remember after you make an impact. Above eye fillers are safe, effective, and can restore some brilliant chic and shine to those eyes of yours. Let Asterie and our team of dedicated experts be the ones to help you step back into the world with brighter eyes and a fuller face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any downtime to this particular treatment?


The treatment has minimal downtime and apart from some swelling the results are fairly instantaneous.

Is this a one-time operation or does it require multiple treatments?


While a great result is often achieved with a single treatment, on occasion we will advise multiple treatments with small amounts placed at a time to prevent overfilling and to achieve the best result.

Will it be pain free?


During treatment, Asterie Clinic also offers happy gas to minimise the discomfort and anxiety that you may have. We can also numb the surface of the skin to minimise the pain of injection. We occasionally use ice which causes constriction of the blood vessels in the area making the treatment safer. This also reduces the pain of the treatment.

What does this particular treatment cost?


As eyelid fillers are a more complex treatment, the treatment cost is higher than regular fillers. A-frame fillers are priced at $1100 per ml. If needed we offer complimentary top ups at the 2 week mark, all on the house to make sure you leave feeling satisfied, confident and prepared to meet the world with your newly revitalised face

Is this treatment permanent?


No. All fillers are temporary and require periodic maintenance after the body processes the materials we use to lift your a-frames. Smaller injections will obviously be metabolised more quickly, usually lasting anywhere from three to six months. Harder and more voluminous injections will generally last on the longer end of that timeline, however they are all temporary at the end of the day, and will fade with time.

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