Cheek Fillers

enhance your cheeks with dermal fillers

Cheek fillers are a very common dermal filler treatment. It can lead to dramatic differences in someone’s face leading to a more youthful, fresher or more sculpted appearance as needed.

Unfortunately cheek fillers are also an area that are often injected very poorly, leading to an obviously fake or overfilled appearance. At Asterie Clinic, we specialise in natural-looking fillers that can make a substantial difference without looking obvious.

What can be accomplished?

Cheek fillers can be used in various ways to accomplish different things on someone’s face.

Most commonly, it is used to beautify and give a nice plump or sharp appearance of the cheeks. Generally, in women, we want to create a gentle OG curve which is a nice curvature when viewed from 45 degrees from the outer cheeks to the nasolabial fold. Injecting filler for sharpness is done differently. Sharpness is often requested by both men and women.

Cheek filler injections can also be used to restore volume loss. The deep facial fat pads of the face lose their volume as we age and this is an area that can be restored with dermal fillers. A sunken appearance can be reserved leading to a much more youthful appearance in the right candidate. Cheek contour fillers done to restore volume loss are injected beneath the zygoma or cheekbone or more medial to the cheekbone/zygoma to restore volume here. For volume loss, collagen-stimulating fillers can be a great option as when injected superficially they may also stimulate the production of elastin in the skin. This means that not only can volume be restored but the quality of the skin improved.

Cheek fillers can also be used to disguise under eye bags. Generally, under eye bags result from a weakness in the orbicularis oculi muscle leading a prolapsed appearance of the underlying fat. While surgery is the most permanent option to treat this, fillers can also be injected beneath the fat to give a more gentle curvature in the area and minimise the appearance of the prolapsed fat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Defined or gentle curvature?


Cheek contour fillers can be injected differently to achieve both a super-defined or a gentle curvature. Generally thicker fillers injected superficially in the fat can be used to replicate bone and achieve a sharper look. This technique needs to be done very carefully by an experienced pracititioner to avoid a lumpy look. Thicker fillers injected more deeply and spread out will allow for a more gentle curvature.

How much cheek filler will I need?


The amount of filler needed will vary depending on the goal and your starting point. Volume loss generally takes a higher amount of filler to accomplish. Collagen-stimulating treatments often require more than 1 session to achieve optimal results. For beautification, we usually use a maximum of 2mls in the cheek in a single sitting and top up if needed.

How painful is the cheek filler treatment?


Cheek filler injections are generally well tolerated and are one of the less painful areas of the face to inject. At Asterie Clinic, we have several options for pain relief including ice packs, topical numbing cream, local anaesthetic and happy gas.

How long does it take to see results from the cheek filler treatment?


There should be an instant improvement on the day of treatment. In the case of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers there will be an instant improvement. Cheek fillers might look slightly sharper on the day of injection. There might also be some redness in the treatment area and less commonly a bruise or more significant swelling. Collagen-stimulating fillers provide initial volume but most of this is water which will get reabsorbed by the body. The full result may take 2 months to show after collagen stimulating fillers (depending on the type used – some provide instant results).

How long does the cheek fillers last?


The longevity of cheek filler injections depends on the product used, how much was put in and patient factors. Generally longevity increases with more product in a single area. However, we do not advise overfilling for longevity purposes. Thicker hyaluronic acid fillers do tend to last a bit longer as they are metabolised more slowly by the body. Collagen stimulating fillers come in different varieties that can last up to 4 years post treatment.

Male vs female cheeks


Generally men have flatter inner cheeks whereas women tend to have more of an apple in this area. An OG curve can make a man’s face look more feminine. Men tend to have more prominent outer cheeks than women with less fat coverage resulting in a sharper look.

Why do cheek fillers look fake?


Cheek fillers are one of the most common areas producing a fake look, perhaps along with the lips. This is typically due to putting in too much filler into a single area. Cheek fillers are often promoted as a lifting treatment to prevent sagginess in the inner face. This often leads to over-injecting the outer aspects in an attempt to lift the inner aspects. Generally, we do not recommend fillers specifically as a lifting treatment. They are better suited to rebalancing with the added benefit that they may lift when done appropriately.

What does Dr Rafael do differently?


Many injectors often inject both cheeks with the same amount of volume on either side. This does not factor in common natural asymmetries of the cheek. We often leave a bit of filler for correcting on the day, leading to more harmonious results. Dr Rafael also specialises in creating sharp, curved or soft cheeks as needed using a variety of techniques.

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