Jawline Sculpting

Lasting, Satisfying Results

Jawline sculpting is suitable for men, women, and anyone in between who wants to redefine their jawline, disguise excess jowling, bring out their chin, and improve the symmetry of their face. Results can last over a year across both of our offerings, and will make you look and feel phenomenal.

Suitable For All Walks Of Life

Jawline sculpting can be an excellent way to make a face more masculine for men or people looking to widen their jawline, increase definition, and enhance the chin region. For females or more feminine people, this may not be as desirable, but is still, of course, an option depending on your goals for yourself. We also have tailor made techniques to be able to define the jawline without making the jaw wider, which may suit some individuals.

Only The Safest Procedures

Generally speaking, in order to contour your face, enhance your favourite features like the chin and jaw, and improve asymmetry, Asterie uses premium hyaluronic acid fillers. These are a safe, effective choice, and can achieve absolutely amazing sculpting results. Whenever more definition is needed we will occasionally use a thicker, collagen stimulating filler.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Alternatives?


At Asterie Clinic, we can also treat overhanging jowl fat with liposuction, thread lifting and fat dissolving. We would need to evaluate the skin quality and facial fat beforehand to determine what the best option is and whether fillers will actually be of use. Outside of those conditions, jawline sculpting is a fast, safe, and effective option for people looking to contour their faces and jaws.

How Much Does It Cost?


Starting at just $600, jawline sculpting can be an incredibly powerful way to shape your face and build on your already stunning features. The process is easy, quick, and administered by professionals with your safety and beauty in mind. This price also includes all necessary consultations so we can make sure you can look and feel your absolute best.

What About Downtime and Aftercare?


With jawline filling, there is almost no downtime, meaning that you can get back to your life almost straight away. This is one of the main advantages of jawline filling, in that it is super quick and super effective. With aftercare, all we advise you to do is, for the first 2 weeks after administration, avoid excess pressure on the injected areas. You will also receive some more information from us on aftercare directly following your appointment.

How many millilitres are needed?


Exactly how many millilitres to use will again vary on a case to case basis, with most individuals finding that 1ml is more than enough, however for more drastic results we may use up to 4mls of filler. Generally, however, we will avoid this much volume as it has a higher chance of filler migration – where filler will spread out to other parts of the face. This is not a dangerous phenomenon, but can dull the results we strive for here at Asterie Clinic.

Is jaw sculpting the same as jaw slimming?


Jawline sculpting is different from jawline slimming, which involves the use of anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter muscle of the jaw to slim the face over the course of roughly 6 months. Jawline fillers are an immediate procedure which takes effect almost instantly, and lasts over time instead of progressing over time.

Who cannot get jawline fillers?


Unfortunately, jawline filler is not suitable for people with excess adiposity (fatty tissue) around the jaw. In these cases, often fat reduction will be a better first step, where after that we can perform jawline sculpting following on from neck and jowl liposuction or fat dissolving; services we also offer here at the clinic.

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