Lip fillers

attractive lips without the unnatural projection or migration

Simply Stunning, Bold Lips

Lip filler injections involve the injection of safe, scientifically-backed hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the lips. The fillers we use at Asterie Clinic are carefully selected to match the lips so that you are left with lips that look and feel just right.

The Natural Technique

At Asterie Clinic, we have developed a technique for consistent, natural looking lips. This means choosing the correct filler, injected the right amount of filler for your lips, and careful placement of filler to ensure the normal anatomy of your lip is respected. With our in-house experts taking care of you, we are certain you’ll get the most out of your lip filling experience.

Minimal Pain And Bruising

Our specialised technique actively minimises the likelihood of pain during injection, while also preventing any swelling and pain you experience in recovery. This involves using the smallest needles possible for injection while also icing the lips before and after treatment. All of our lips are either numbed with local or topical anaesthetic for a seamless lip filling journey.

Perfect For All Shapes and Sizes

At Asterie Clinic, we appreciate that people come in many different forms. We have experience filling the hardest of lips including extra thin lips and the dreaded M-shaped lips, and have managed to work towards a result that is truly spectacular, no matter the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do So Many Lip Fillers Look Unnatural?


Lip fillers can look unnatural for a variety of reasons. For one, generally too much filler is placed at a time. At Asterie Clinic, we rarely place more than 1ml of filler at a time as this is when we notice a higher chance of filler migration (where the filler moves to other parts of the face) and distorted looking lips. We aim to maintain the normal architecture of the lips, especially the cupids bow, while minimising projection and disruption.

How Long Until I Can See Results?


While you can expect instant volumising of your plump new lips , there may be some degree of swelling that hides the final result and gives you lumps and bumps that will go with time. In the majority of cases, the lips are looking sexy from day 1. It can take up to 2 weeks to see the final result however.

What About Aftercare?


We will provide you with an ice pack at the time of your injection, and recommend that you continue to ice the lips to reduce the swelling – if there is any, that is. We also recommend that you do not wear lipstick for at least 24 hours after injection. However outside of this, you can expect very minimal aftercare necessary to take care of your huge new lips.

What Fillers Does Asterie Clinic Use?


We often hear that “thick fillers” are better. This is false propaganda spread by our competitors to unfairly upsell treatments to patients. All of our lip fillers cost the same. Keep in mind that thicker fillers are not necessarily suited to the lips. If a filler is too thick you are more likely to feel lumps, the filler is probably going to be less elastic and so more prone to migrate with the movement of your lips.

Can I Combine This Treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?


Sometimes, lip fillers can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections to maximise the flip effect and achieve the best result without overfilling the lips, however we would discuss this during our consultations to figure out what goals are right for you.

How Long Does Our Treatment Take?


Our lip fillers typically take less than 15 minutes to inject, however, there may be a little extra time spent in numbing the lip and preparing you for the best result. Overall, it’s an easy, effective procedure that gets you feeling incredible with ease.

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