Non-Surgical Buttlift

We Offer Surgical & Non-Surgical Approaches

At Asterie Clinic, we offer both non-surgical and surgical butt lifts. Both involve the injection of filler into the buttocks. In the case of non-surgical butt lifts, the injected filler is a collagen-stimulating filler. In the case of surgical butt lift, the injected filler is fat which has been harvested during the liposuction process.

Easy, Long Lasting Results

Generally collagen-stimulating fillers start to work at around 2 months after injection. Occasionally multiple treatments will be necessary to achieve the best result, but it will depend on the goals we set together during consultation. Because collagen-stimulating fillers encourage your body to produce more collagen in the areas that are lacking volume, once the collagen is produced, the results should last for up to 3 years.

Your Safety In Mind

When compared to surgery, the risks of a non-surgical butt lift will obviously be less. However, there are still risks associated with the procedure which can be serious if the procedure is not performed correctly. For this reason, our treatments are only performed by highly experienced injectors that are capable of managing complications. We want you to gain the most out of this process, and hence will work side by side with you to see it succeed.

The Gold Standard for Pricing

The cost will vary depending on how much volume is needed, but we’re confident we have some of the most competitive prices on the market. The end cost will in turn determine how many vials of collagen-stimulating filler are needed to achieve the best results. Prices start at $1800 for the non-surgical treatment, and the pricing for the surgical will be determined by our consultants after we begin our dialogue together. In either case, we provide the best price versus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages of Non-Surgical vs Surgical Butt Lifts?


Non-surgical butt lifts have the advantage of being able to provide improvements to your butt shape without the downtime of surgery. Generally after a surgical butt lift or a BBL, you are unable to sit for 2 weeks after surgery to improve the survival of fat. This is not the case after a non-surgical butt lift. Non-surgical butt lifts also have the advantage of still being able to proceed where a person does not have enough fat to be harvested to achieve a stellar butt lift result.

Can Cellulite Be Improved?


Collagen-stimulating fillers can be injected into the divots/dimples of the buttock to certainly improve the appearance of cellulite, if it is not something you want visible. At Asterie, we have often injected collagen-stimulating fillers where surgical fat transfers have not been done correctly at other clinics and has resulted in a dimpled appearance.

How about external tightening devices? Do they work?


In our experience, external machines are almost completely ineffective for both the appearance of cellulite and for lifting fat. We do not advise these procedures as worthwhile, and would instead advise either the surgical or non-surgical option for effectively reaching your goals.

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