Under eye fillers

rejuvenate your under eyes

Easy, Gorgeous Results

Under eye fillers are perfect for people looking to plump up their eye regions with a quick and easy treatment, or when the under eye has a less desirable, flat appearance than it normally would due to a lack of volume. We use premium hyaluronic acid fillers which are specifically made for the treatment of tear troughs, and hence pack the most amount of bang for the buck in terms of effectiveness.

Applicable To All, No Matter Who You Are

Tear trough fillers are suitable for virtually anyone who is lacking volume under the eye and wants a nice little boost in confidence and fullness in their face. The loss of eye volume generally comes as a result of ageing, but can be influenced by a number of other factors. We advise this procedure for all walks of life looking to enhance their eye regions and look fuller and brighter.

Meeting You At The Right Pricepoint

Starting at just $700, under-eye fillers are another quick, easy, safe way to reduce the appearance of eye bagging or under-eye dullness. Our in-house team of experts will consult with you to make sure we’re hitting the mark with the procedure, going on to then perform the procedure safely and with your peace of mind at heart. We want to make sure you get the best results from this particular process, and in coordination with us, we’re certain to be able to make your face shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Tear Trough and Under-Eye Fillers?


While the two treatments are quick similar, predominantly it comes down to the area that these treatments affect. Tear trough injections will address the area immediately under the eyes, however under-eye fillers can be a little wider, disguising whole eye bagging or the area around the eyes.

How Much Product Do You Use?


Generally speaking, we would put a maximum of 1 millilitre of filler in one session, as too much volume on the same day can risk overfilling the tear troughs and cause issues with swelling. The premium filler is made especially for the tear trough region, and minimises the risks of swelling, but with the condition of undertaking the process slowly and carefully. The injections are typically done with a needle, a cannula or a combination of both depending on which will give you the results you’re looking to achieve.

How Can This Be Used to Address Eye Bagging?


One of the more common uses for this particular treatment is the addressing of eye bagging, where the muscles under the eye become weaker over time. The majority of the time, we’re able to disguise this with our filler operations that are carefully placed under the eye. However, for more drastic circumstances surgical removal of the eye bag might be recommended.

What About Crepey Eye Skin?


Generally speaking, anti-wrinkle injections would be more appropriate to use for this particular skin type. It is also unsafe to perform anti-wrinkle procedures underneath the eye. Instead, it might be worth working towards treatments to improve the skin quality of the region, which may include: platelet rich plasma injections, microneedling, laser treatments.

What about dark under eyes?


While dark under eyes can be due to a lack of volume in the area, it can also be due to pigmentation under the eye. This is often genetic. When dark under eyes are due to pigmentation the best treatments may involve prescription of medical grade skincare as well as laser treatments.

How does this treatment compare to skin booster injections?


Most skin boosters are composed of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injections, meaning that the efficacy and durability of these injections is lessened. These will only provide about 2 weeks of improvement in the skin hydration. Some more effective options might be to pursue a course of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP, or plasma with more platelets than what is normally found in blood), as well as crosslinked hyaluronic acid that is injected in a special way to minimise the chance of lumping. We use these particular injections in most of our other practices.

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