Non-Surgical Thread Lifting

Asterie Clinic has experience with multiple techniques that allow us to perform non-surgical facelifts as well as carefully refining facial features.

The basics/what is a threadlift

A thread-lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can restore facial volume and lift saggy skin. It can be thought of as a less intense version of a surgical facelift.

The benefits

While dermal fillers can provide some lifting effect, a thread lift is able to produce a more dramatic lifting effect. The threads that Asterie Clinic uses stimulate the body to produce their own collagen for long-lasting results that can last for 3 years. Immediate results are seen, however, they will continue to improve over months as the thread is absorbed by the body and replaced by the body’s own collagen. Thread lifting can improve facial contours, nasolabial folds and restore volume to the cheeks and therefore help restore a youthful appearance.

The procedure

Techniques vary considerably depending on the subtype of thread used i.e. Aptos, PDO or Silhouette Soft. Typically, however, local anaesthetic is used to numb the area and an absorbable thread is placed into the fatty layer of the skin. The thread pulls the skin or fat to the correct location.

Non-surgical face lifts

Face lifts without major downtime or scarring

Why Asterie?

Asterie offers thread-lifting with all major thread brands approved for use in Australia. We have developed our own techniques to maximise lift and longevity of threads


Depends on product used. See FAQ for more details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a threadlift?


A threadlift is a non-surgical lifting procedure that is quick with minimal downtime. It is a shorter recovery alternative to a facelift. Unlike facelift surgery, thread lifts have no scarring and have a much shorter recovery period. Threads are an absorbable material that are placed in your facial fat to lift or reposition the fat. The volume added by the fillers is immediately apparent. However, the aesthetic results will continue to improve up to 2 weeks as the swelling goes. Results should last between 6 to 24 months depending on the filler used and the injection site.

When can I expect results?


Silhouette soft and Aptos used at Asterie Clinic typically work in 2 phases. They provide an immediate tightening or repositioning of fat, followed by a secondary improvement over a few months. The secondary improvement occurs by the process of neocollagenesis, where the threads is slowly dissolved and gradually replaced by collagen. Many patients therefore find that their results continue to improve over months. PDO threads may provide a less dramatic immediate lifting effect. More, small threads are inserted which will provide a lifting effect as new collagen forms over the next few months.

Who will benefit most from this procedure?


Thread-lifting is suitable for men and women aged between 30 to 70. In patients with excessively saggy skin, a surgical face lift may be a more appropriate option. PDO threads are a great preventative measure, and will boost your own body’s collagen production to prevent sagging in the future. In contrast, Aptos and Silhouette Soft threads can produce more dramatic results and are better when the sagging is more prounounced. Combining different techniques and threads may be required to achieve the best results. One primary benefit of thread-lifting is that it is able to produce subtle results, so patients remain recognisable as themselves rather than a totally different person.

How long does the procedure take?


Procedure times vary from half an hour to over an hour depending on the complexity of the treatment and the number of threads used.

Do the threads dissolve?


All threads used at Asterie Clinic are bioabsorbable.

Is thread lifting painful?


Threadlifting causes minimal pain. We use local anaesthetic to numb the thread entry/exit points and once the thread has been passed into the subcutaneous i.e. fat layer, the pain is mininmal. The whole procedure generally takes less than an hour. The pain of thread lifting is very well tolerated. Local anaesthetic may be injected along the entry points of the threads or along the course of a thread to minimise the pain with insertion.

How long do results last?


Results last up to 3 years, however, it will vary depending on the amount of threads used and the type of thread used.

What are the risks of thread-lifting?


All cosmetic procedures carry risk. Thread lifting may cause swelling, tenderness and pain where the threads are inserted. This usually resolves after a few days. There may be puckering of the skin where the threads were inserted which also resolves after a few days. Other less common risks include an allergic reaction to the thread material, infection, nerve or blood vessel injury and formation of lumps or granulomas (inflamed cells). Consultation at Asterie Clinic will cover pre and post care activities that will limit the chance of having a complication.

Where can threads be used?


Depending on the type of thread, lifting can be achieved to the jowls, jawline, midface, brows and neck. Aptos and PDO threads are also available that allow body contouring and lifting. Threads can also be used in the face and parts of the body for reasons apart from lifting. Hiko threads placed in the nose are a great way to define the nasal bridge. Short PDO threads placed in the face and body can help stimulate collagen production and tighten skin. Short PDO threads in the face are a great solution for people who want to maintain or improve their skin without adding volume. Short PDO threads can also be used in the body as a method of treating cellulite.

How much does it cost?


Price varies considerably depending on the amount and type of threads used. Please refer to our Price List for more information.

How can a threadlift help me?


With threadlifts we are able to:

  • Define the jawline
  • Pull up saggy fat around the mouth and cheeks/li>
  • Pull up the brows (to a greater extent than a chemical brow lift). This can help with loose upper eyelid skin but can also be used to create a more contoured look the brows./li>
  • Pull up saggy neck fat i.e. turkey neck/li>

What type of threads are used at Asterie Clinic?


At Asterie Clinic we have experience with Mint, Silhouette Soft and Aptos Threads. We are glad to be able to offer our patients the most diverse portfolio of threadlifts in Sydney. Each thread will have its own unique advantages in terms of longevity, the ability to get more natural results, and repositioning of fat. On consultation, we will analyse your face in detail to determine which type of threads will be most suitable for you. What happens to the threads over time? Over time, threads are absorbed by the body and are replaced by your own natural collagen. This is because threads stimulate collagen production. While the threads provide the immediate lifting effect, the collagen that your body produces will provide the longer term results. Results typically last between 1 to 2 years depending on the type of thread used and whether the threadlift been supplemented with additional collagen stimulating techniques.

Asterie Technique


At Asterie Clinic we pride ourselves on being able to offer dramatic but still natural results. Our threadlifting technique is done to maximise this look. We often combine threadlifts with other collagen stimulating techniques to ensure that the lift lasts for as long as possible.

Threadlifts vs Facelifts


Compared to surgical face lifts, threadlifting has a shorter downtime, less painful recovery, and no scarring. However, for more dramatic sagginess of the skin a facelift might be a better option. While threadlifts last several years, the results of facelifts are more permanent.

Will I scar after a threadlift?


No, the Asterie threadlift technique is non-scarring.

Fillers vs Threadlift?


Fillers can help reduce the appearance of folds by disguising the folds while threadlifting works directly to lift sagging fat that is causing the fold. Fillers are adding volume to the face while threadlifts do not. The combination of both fillers and threadlifts can be an extremely powerful tool to achieve the best results. Collagen-stimulating fillers can also be used to maximise the longevity of the threadlift result.

Threadlift vs external tightening devices?


In our experience the tightening effect seen with external tightening devices often fails to deliver on promised results. We find the lifting effect with threadlifts to be much more dramatic than with external tightening devices while the prices are comparable.

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