Under Chin Sculpting

Different Options for Different People

Under chin sculpting or double chin fat reduction can be done via several ways, each with their own advantages. The non-surgical approach would involve injecting fat dissolving injections straight into the skin. These contain a compound called deoxycholic acid, which removes the fat cells in the area. Once these fat cells are destroyed, a permanent reduction in the fat in these areas is apparent.

While there are non-surgical devices available for under chin fat reduction, we find that devices tend to be ineffective at performing their primary function of reducing fat in the area. By the time patients have come to us for consultation they have often spent thousands of dollars on external devices with no change to their under chin fat.

Surgical reduction of the double chin fat would be the other effective way to reduce under chin fat. The advantage of this method is that we can feel how much fat is taken out during the procedure to ensure that great results will be achieved in a single session.

Cost effective treatments

The cost of under chin fat dissolving depends on how many vials are needed per session and how many sessions are required. This will of course be discussed during our initial consultation together. Our standard price per vial is $600 or $1400 for a pack of 3

Reduced pain

We use either topical or local anaesthetic to reduce the pain of an otherwise painful treatment. Through the use of cannulas we can also reduce the pain of injection and achieve a suitable distribution of the solution in the target fat. Treatments are typically fast, only taking a few minutes to perform. Pre and post procedural application of ice will also minimise the pain and swelling associated with treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better: Fat Dissolving or Liposuction


Both fat dissolving injections and liposuction have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of fat dissolving is that patients do not need to wear a compression garment after surgery. This means that the visible down time of fat dissolving is less than liposuction. By contrast, if a patient has had fat reduction via liposuction they will be required to wear an obvious compression garment for at least 2 weeks. The advantage of surgical reduction is that it is typically one and done whereas fat dissolving might take a few treatments to get the best results. Also liposuction can sculpt the whole jawline whereas fat dissolving typically targets the submental fat just beneath the chin.

How Long Does Fat Dissolving Take to Work?


Fat dissolving can take several sessions spaced 1 month apart to achieve the best results. After a suitable amount of treatments are performed we advise waiting for 3 months to evaluate the results of the treatment. The neck may be swollen for a week or 2 after each treatment.

Will This Treatment Help with Loose Skin?


Generally, this treatment is much more targeted in addressing unwanted fat in the under chin area. Loose skin can be much better addressed with other treatments such as Renuvion skin tightening (also known as J-plasma) or surgical neck lifts. Renuvion skin tightening is a surgical procedure where the neck is numbed with local anaesthetic and a tightening cannula is inserted, which emits powerful radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen product. In select candidates thread lifting of the neck may also be useful. We find external tightening devices have minimal effectiveness as a skin tightening modality.

Where else can fat dissolving injections be used?


Fat dissolving can also be used in small pockets of fat such as the jowls and the bra bulge. Fat dissolving is not useful for dissolving larger pockets of fat. In these cases, liposuction is a better alternative.

What causes an obvious double chin?


Double chins can be caused due to a combination of factors such as loose skin, excess fat, a receding chin. In the case of loose skin, internal skin tightening (renuvion) or neck lifts are advisable. In the case of excess fat, fat dissolving and neck liposuction serve as effective options. For receding chins, chin filler may help disguise the appearance of a double chin.

Who cannot have fat dissolving injections?


Fat dissolving injections are not suitable if the skin is loose in the treatment area, if a person is pregnant or breastfeeding, if there is an active infection in the treatment area, or if a person has a known allergy/hypersensitivity to the product. Again we can discuss all of these things when we're together, in order to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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